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Clinker Semolina – Running Track Base Pavement

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Used on athletics tracks, outdoor tennis courts, running tracks.

Clinker semolina is manufactured by crushing and thinning products made of baked clay clinker using hammer crushers.

The thinned material is separated into clinker semolina in 3 different sizes arranged by passing through sieves with pore sizes.

1) 8 – 16 mm thick semolina generally forms the bottom layer in the area to be laid.

2) 4-8 mm thick semolina is the main material and forms the middle – upper layer.

3) The material with 0-4 mm thickness is used as a binder in the upper layer.

Usage Areas

Athletics tracks

Outdoor tennis courts

Running tracks

In the production of the mortar called “Khorasan Mortar” used in the repair of historical artifacts
Since it has a very good color match with green grass, it is used in gardens for decorative Purposes.

The amount of semolina to be used depends on the width of the area (how many square meters) and the application thickness of the place to be selected.

It is Observed that 5-8 cm thickness is generally PREFERRED. It should not be forgotten that it should be well compressed in the application.

Before application, a quality semolina should be selected both functionally and decoratively.

on quality semolina should not dissolve in water first.

Therefore, it must be produced from a well cooked clinker with low water absorption.

of The easiest way to do this is to put the granulated semolina in a glass of water and wait for a while (at least 24 hours) to see if it melts.
It is doubtless that
should not melt.

good semolina should not containers.Payment of foreign substances.

Coal powders and ashes in coal spoil both the color and negatively affect the binding feature.

Clinker semolina produced by our company is Obtained from clinkers produced using natural gas.
For this reason, it does not dissolve in water, shows the uniform clinker brick color and does not contai the foreign substances.


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