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Flex Adhesive

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Product Code : FY
Consumption (kg / m²) : 5,5.5
Method of Application : Within Joint Gin
Packaging Style 20 kg. Kraft HDPE Laminated Bad
Mixing Rate 5.5 – 6 liters. Clean water for 20 kg package
Time To Open For Use 24 Hours
Storage Life : Dry place, in unopened package in 12 Months

Doğanay Flex Adhesive with strong adhesion feature is a cement-based, polymer-added and long-lasting mortar building.

Areas of Application Surfaces It is used on interior and exterior of buildings, KPS and EPS foam materials, covering the bricks, floor and wall tiles. , Natural stones have. b.
Surface Preparation Surfaces on which Doganay
and Mixture Flex Adhesive will be used must be cleaned and cleaned from oil and paint.
Broken, cracked and damaged Surfaces must be repaired beforehand.
Clean and clear in The Following proportions. Gradually doganay Flex Adhesive is poured into the container containing cold water and mixed with a low speed mixer or trowel until it Reaches a homogenous consistency. While preparing to the mid-west, the formation of lumps should be prevented. The homogeneous
in mid-west is rested for 5 – 10 minutes and than mixed again. The prepared mortar should be used without losing its workability.
The mortar is prepared Applied to the surface and the surface is combed.
Doganay Flex Adhesive mortar is spread on the back surface of Doganay Brick Coating with a steel trowel.
Application thickness 3 – it is between 10 mm.
The prepared mortar should be used within 2 – 3 hours without losing its workability. The mortar is workable
whose period has passed should not be used by adding water and dry the mid-west.
Doganay Flex Joint Filler, after applying Doganay Flex Adhesive 24 hours later.

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