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Surface cleaner

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Product Code : YT
Packaging Style 1 Lt. Plastic Packaging
Storage Life : 6 Months

Water-based cleaning and care fluid that is used for cleaning the dirt and stains on brick, tile and terra cotta and for the daily maintenance afterwards, does not corrode the protective material, if any, which is Applied thinly, and leaves the effect of Protecting against stains and dirt after cleaning. > Application
Before application, the package should be shaken well and a test application should be made in a small area. The application is usually done by spraying, spreading than with a material such as a cloth, brush or mop. Doğanay Surface Cleaner should be used every day or after the stain formation in order to preserve the beauty of the Surfaces. While Doganay Surface Cleaner can be used as it is in its packaging without dilution in heavy stain cleaning, it can also be used by diluting with water in daily or similar regular cleaning and maintenance. Doğanay Surface Cleaner is supported with antibacterial agents to protect against mold and fungus formation on the surface.
Consumption 1 liter Doganay
Surface Cleaner Provides cleaning of the surface between 10 – 30 m² Depending on the structure, porosity, weather conditions and application method. and provides care. These values ​​are valid for use without water dilution.
Storage and Shelf Life
The packaging should be closed tightly after each use and only the original packaging of the product should be used for storage. Application and storage should be done between 4-38 ° C and protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life is 6 months under conditions Specified. Avoid direct skin contact with
Warnings , eyes and food materials during use and storage. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately. In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and water. In case of heavy breathing, move the person to fresh air immediately. SYMPTOMS If persist, call a doctor immediately. Do not force vomiting in case of swallowing, drink 3-4 glasses of water and call a doctor.
Technical and practical information about the user of the products is based on our scientific knowledge and experience. No liability is accepted for errors that may occar during preparation and application. The person or organization related to the applications Eorope is responsible for checking whether or suitabl for their products are to complete.

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