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Thermoclinker System

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Weight 38 kg / mt2
Color : Ege Toprak, Aegean Brown, Yellow Aegean, Ege Beyaz
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System thermoclink What is it?

thermoclink the system; It is an insulation system that can be easily Applied to all old and new buildings, providing the possibility of external sheathing with an insulation board with a suitabl channels for brick.

The system Consists of decorative covering bricks, XPS or EPS (channel Suitable for brick) insulation boards, plastic mounting dowels, flex and flex adhesive joint fillers.

Features of thermoclink System

• Eliminates thermal bridges with external sheathing, which is the healthiest known methods.

• It adds value to the buildings with its decorative appearance on the exterior and does not require maintenance and repair for years.

• By providing energy savings of 50-55% in summer / winter, it pays for itself over the years.

• It is importante with the practicality of its application.

While Applying thermoclink System

On all stable Surfaces with rough patch or a rigid surface, the thermal insulation boards are channeled through specially opened for brick is adhered to and doweled. In order to eliminate the tonal differences on the surface, the facing brick is taken from various boxes and blended with flexi adhesive and adhered to. Horizontal and vertical joints 1 cm wide left flex joint are filled with elephants.

According to the air temperature, the application is completed by shaping the flex joint filler with a grouting gun after it sets for 15 – 45 minutes.

Package Information

• 9 m² (9 boxes) Doganay Clinker Brick Covered

• 50 kg. (2 bags) Doğanay Flex Adhesive

• 40 kg. (2 bags) Flex Doğanay Gap

• 9 m² (12 pieces) are channeled through XPS or EPS thermal insulation board

• There are 60 plastic dowels.


Corner turning brick (CC / 2) is not included in the system to system is in the thermoclink.

We also have a package system as EPS POLYPORE.

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